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A user-centered design is all your business needs to succeed

Designing a user-centered solution is conducive to business success. We can help you shape your product using effective design thinking frameworks.


Our Design Expertise

Our design team is intertwined with various design domain expertise. Together we create products that are thoughtful, usable, functional & beautiful.

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Phases in our UX Design process frame the problem(s) to be solved & developed a plan.

Discovery Workshops

  • Potential Customer
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Affinity Mapping
  • Product Road MAP & Success Metrics

UX Audit

A complete analysis of your product to identify usability problems  and strengths.

UX Audit

  • Heuristic Product Evaluation
  • Cognitive Walkthrough
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Audit Report +  Design Recommendation

UX Design

We Carefully design the experience of your product with a users first approach.

UX Design

  • UX Research
  • User Personas & Journey Maps
  • Site Map & Information Architecture
  • User Flows




Wire Frames

Interactive Prototypes

Prototyping & Testing

A primitive version of your product to improve the design before it's goes live.

Prototyping & Testing

  • Mock Ups
  • Setting Up Test Cases
  • Validation & Iteration

Visual Design

Design a visual language for your product UI that is not only aesthetic but also functional

Visual Design

  • Interface Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Iconography

Motion & Animtion

Detailed Motion & Micro Interactions

Motion & Animation

  • Interface Behaviour
  • Interaction Pattern
  • Motion Choreography


We follow a non-linear iterative design process to craft solutions that help your product evolve in the right direction.



As a product design consultancy, our first goal is to understand business requirements and prioritize user needs through effective design thinking frameworks.

Stakeholder Interviews

We initiate by identifying the company’s vision and project goals.

Competitive landscape

Mapping the product’s feasibility with that of competitors.

Potential Users

We focus on understanding user behaviour and needs.


Translate all the information into valuable insights and create a product roadmap that addresses user problems & recommend viable solutions to enhance the end-user experience.


Define the core problems to generate tangible and actionable ideas that address user problems.

Ideate Features & Functions

Based on the definition of each problem we use effective ideation tools & techniques to generate viable design solutions in terms of features & its function.

Planning & Metrics

We create an actionable plan into bite-sized components & define its success metric.



At this stage, we sketch out many different ideas to address the user needs earlier identified. We add emotions to the product logic that encourages usability & aesthetics at the same time.

User Persona & Journey Maps

We create user personas to keep the entire team focused on who we are designing for, the placement of a product in their lives & its context of use.

Wireframes, Wireflows & Content Architecture

We create a blueprint of the concepts through wireframes, wireflows, flow diagrams that primarily focus on the content structure, functionalities, and user behaviors.

Visual & Interaction Design

Wireframes are transformed by using visually appealing elements & interaction patterns adds life to the product & improves its emotional value to a greater height.

Prototype & Test

We call this stage the “moment of truth”. This stage tends to give design ideas a reality check by exposing potential users to a primitive version of the product; using comparative & explorative methods.



An early version of a product helps the entire team to “fail cheaper & faster.” Depending on the objective of a project, we use a prototyping tool/method best suited to garner user insights.

Testing & debriefing

Depending on the scope, we help identify a testing method to observe how users interact with the product prototype followed by debriefing sessions that allows us to explore & review their actions.


We translate user feedback into useful insights to eliminate usability issues & tap opportunities for new features down the road.

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